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First Quarter 2015 – Message from our VP of Sales, Lynn Noesser

Lynn Noesser

Good, Better, Best. 

To complete our family, Fabral is pleased to introduce TrustiRib to our product offering. This 29 gauge 3′ wide panel compliments our current Grandrib 3 and Grandrib 3 Plus offering.  Available in 13 standard colors with a 40 year warranty, our new “Good” panel is perfectly positioned to round out our Good, Better, Best product offering.

Fabral continues to look towards the future.  Investing in the new TrustiRib product is just one of the exciting activities Fabral is currently pursuing. In addition, new standing seam equipment was added to our St. Joseph, MN and Spokane, WA locations late last year.  This new equipment will continue to position Fabral for the projected standing seam market growth.  Expansion is planned in 2015 for additional standing seam production in the light commercial and architectural markets.  These improvements are all designed to provide you with the right products, in the right place, at the right time, to help grow your business.

2015 is shaping up to be an exhilarating year.  New products, new capabilities and a renewed commitment to taking care of our customers – the benefits of working with Fabral.

Lynn Noesser

VP Sales


Fourth Quarter 2014 – Message from VP of Sales, Lynn Noesser

Heard any good rumors lately? 

I think everyone likes a good rumor.  At times, rumors are started intentionally – a publicity stunt.  Other times unintentionally – a leak of confidential and/or personal information – pictures.  Other times it is where pieces of information are put together, conclusions drawn and perspectives shared.  In lieu of more facts, the talk spreads.

At Fabral, we like to discuss the market facts. 

Freight costs skyrocketed as much as 35% after the winter freeze thawed.  Trucking still has restricted availability today and is the second largest expense in our market.  Finally, like you, our customers have tried to squeeze nine months of work into less than six.  We have been fortunate to be trusted with a large amount of orders.  We continue to work to control labor and freight costs to keep pricing competitive while working to meet the expected delivery goals.  This is a high priority for us and significant improvements have been seen in the most recent weeks.

Now, let’s talk about exciting things to come in 2015.  We have recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities at our St. Joseph plant by adding new standing seam equipment.  Additional standing seam production capability is schedule for expansion in the South by Q1 2015.  In-house aluminum soffit production is slated for later this year when our new equipment arrives.  And, finally, we will have exciting new product line announcements by January.

Thank you for your continued business partnership and trust in Fabral.  We remain as strong and viable today as we were when we opened 48 years ago.

Heard any good rumors lately?

Lynn Noesser

VP Sales


Third Quarter 2014 – Message from the VP of Sales, Lynn Noesser

Excited about the rest of the ride

Wow, what a crazy ride thus far this year! My first six months have seen, to invert a borrowed phrase from Charles Dickens, “It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.”

The harsh winter experienced throughout the country, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest, made for a very tough start to the year. With improved weather conditions everyone, including markets outside ours, started attempting to cram 12 months of work into eight months. Trucking capacity quickly dwindled and became scarce and expensive.  Thus the roller coaster ride of 2014…

We are excited, however, about the balance of the year.  We have put the company in a position to service you, the customer, based on the volume both today as well as tomorrow. We are positioning our product offering to fit the growing residential market by expanding our standing seam panel offering in our mid-western and southern facilities.

These are just a few of the positive activities happening at Fabral. We appreciate your continued business.
Lynn Noesser Vice President – Sales

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