Installation Videos

At Fabral, we believe in education and training as part of our FabralCore program. These videos are a sample of the many training videos we have created to educate the users of our products on installation and use of our products. After you have viewed our featured videos, be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the full array of installation videos that we offer.

Why Metal

Why Fabral

Standing Seam Installation

Exposed Fastener Installation

NEW CondenStop Videos

Safety First
Squaring the Panel
Installing Underlayment
Hemming a Panel
Installing Eave Trim
Installing the First Panel
Standing Seam Clips
Preparing for 2nd Panel
Installing the 2nd Panel
Folding the Gable Trim
Installing the Gable Trim
Dormer Valley Part 1
Dormer Valley Part 2
Installing Sidewall and Endwall
Ridge Details

Horizon S Specific

Horizon S – Tools

Horizon S – Hem Bending

Horizon S – Installing Eave

Horizon S – Installing the 1st Panel

Horizon S – Installing Gable

Horizon S – Installing the 2nd Panel

Horizon S – Installing Ridge

Horizon S – Installing Dormer Valley

Horizon S – Installing Dormer Endwall & Sidewall

Installing Eave
Squaring a Panel
Installing First Panel
Fastener Location and Lap Placement
Installing Gable Trim
End-lapping Panels
Dormer side and endwalls
Dormer Valley

Ridgecap Installation

Overview of CondenStop

Time Saving Benefits

Mechanically Seamed Panels

Part 1
Part 2

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