Product Overview

Achieve your architecturally dynamic design by incorporating horizontal metal siding with Fabral’s seamless mitered corners. Fabral’s mitered corners – corners that are formed by using the Fabral siding panel specified in the design – are specifically engineered to ensure complete horizontal continuity. Fabral’s mitered corners are:

  • constructed from quality steel and aluminum, eliminating corrosion
  • factory-coated with primer and paint, ensuring color matching to the adjacent panels
  • formed from existing Fabral siding panels, folded to the desired angle and structurally bonded with a two-part adhesive, eliminating transition lines and weld-burn damage
  • backed up with a perforated angle, providing additional structural integrity

All of which together guarantees a weathertight, structurally sound corner with a continuous appearance.

Request / Inquiry

To request information on Fabral pre-fab mitered corners or upload a drawing/spec for a quote, click here.

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