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Post Frame News

Fabral Partners with Levi’s Building Components to Offer Snow Protection for Metal Roofing Systems

August 2, 2016

Fabral, the premier supplier of metal wall and roofing systems, is expanding its product offering in accordance with its nearly 50 year tradition of offering premier systems and services.

Beginning August 8, 2016, the company will ship Levi’s Building Components Snow Defender™ products to help Northeastern customers prepare for the upcoming snow season. Now, Fabral customers placing orders from the company’s Lancaster, PA facility can add Levi’s Snow Defender™ products to their Fabral order, eliminating multiple orders and lowering shipping costs.

The Snow Defender™ product line includes high-quality stainless steel roofing snow guards. Customers buying Fabral exposed fastener roof systems can add Snow Defender™ 4500 snow guards. Snow Defender™ 6500 guards are offered for Fabral standing seam panel roof systems. Made in the USA, the products help prevent snow and ice from falling off sloped metal roofs and injuring people or property.

Fabral Taps Proven Industry Leader to Institute Next Strategic Steps

July 23, 2014

Lancaster, PA – Euramax, the leading provider of metal for building envelope solutions, announces the strategic appointment of industry leader Kit Emert as vice president and general manager of the Euramax Commercial Group. With more than thirty years of experience in the industry, Emert provides a wealth of knowledge and the assurance of continuity to customers and team members.

Emert has held several leadership roles within Euramax since joining the company in 2000, most recently serving as vice president of commercial sales and government relations. As an established leader within the industry, Emert is a prior board member and president of the Metal Construction Association (MCA) and has contributed to numerous published articles and speaking engagements.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Kit back at the helm,” said Scott Vansant, president of Euramax North America. “Kit is a natural leader, teacher and learner and will take the Commercial Group to the next level while ensuring our customers remain top priority.”

In this role, Emert will initiate a strategic blending of the sales and marketing outreach of Fabral and CopperCraft, provider of quality copper architectural elements. This will create one source of geographically defined consultative contact for quality, exterior metal enclosure systems.

The Euramax Commercial business, highlighted by Fabral and CopperCraft, provides risk reduction through the construction period and for the commercial life of the building to the owner, design influence, contractor, erector and dealer through the on-time and on-specification delivery of quality metal exterior enclosure systems.

Fabral maintains a long history of providing metal systems for building envelope solutions ranging from agricultural to industrial to institutional to high-end commercial. All company efforts moving forward will be designed to bring to market the enclosure systems that fit the architectural and functional demands of a project while meeting the sustainability requirements of the owner and design influence, as well as Euramax.

“Though the last few years have seen extreme difficulty for construction industry manufacturers, we feel that we are poised to effectively serve the market with optimal information exchange, quality products and systems,” said Emert. “I’m honored to be entrusted with leading the Euramax Commercial business in this next phase of strategic growth.”


Time to think about Project of the Year

projectofyearProject of the Year 2014 will be here soon, so start thinking now about projects you would like to submit.  Project of the Year is a get way to get your work recognized and showcase your business. Details to follow soon. Email here to request updates.

T2_Feat_Project_CampMowana T2_Feat_Project_GBM T2_light_commercial_feat_project



Fabral Provides Training to Local Vo-Tech Students

10-2013:  Fabral recently provided training and hands-on learning to students from a local Vo-Tech School. Fabral and the students discussed the importance of using quality substrates and the many benefits a metal system provides; they watched and talked about product being manufactured and received hands-on installation training in Fabral’s training lab. The students will now take what they’ve learned and apply it directly to a school project they are constructing themselves – an Outdoor Stadium Announcer’s Box featuring Fabral 1 1/2″ SSR roofing panels and HCF concealed fastener, horizontal wall panels.

13Fabral01_059 13Fabral01_030

Fabral takes pride in being able to offer training to a wide variety of groups, from students looking to the future to customers needing to educate new teams or interested in learning a few new tips. Fabral training is very customized and can involve talking about the many benefits of metal systems, the importance of promoting products with professional collateral, samples and displays, and proper installation.  We relish the opportunity to meet and talk with customers across the nation.  

“Hands-on training at Fabral is outstanding and has an excellent reputation in the industry.  Our trainers involve our engineers, operation team members and others who work with our products daily.”  Jon Haley, VP of Sales stated.  “Our employees have so much knowledge and truly enjoy and value sharing what they know with customers.”

To request information about Fabral training:  in the field, at Fabral, online or an AIA Lunch&Learn event, click here.

Fabral Opens New Sacramento, California Facility


Fabral announces the opening of a new facility in Sacramento, California. Offering over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space, this new facility allows us to further support customers focused on the light gauge, agricultural and residential markets in the Western Region.

The new facility offers a total system solution with a complete range of exposed fastener and standing seam panels in a variety of Energy Star approved colors and selection of core accessories.  It also offers improved lead times for customers located in this region and allows for the added convenience with pickup orders.  This comprehensive offering and central location allows Fabral the flexibility to service customers’ needs better than ever.

Fabral Sales Representatives and Customer Care teams are ready to support customers while keeping them informed of both industry and Fabral updates. They are currently meeting with many customers and distributing core promotional materials such as region specific color charts and detail manuals.  Our teams are focused in helping customers select the right system for each and every project.  To contact the Customer Care team direct, call 800.477.8028

We are excited to become an integral part of this market, and our new facility will support the effort.


Fabral offers #10 High Low Fastener

Fabral is pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to the #10 Hi-Low fastener by Atlas.  The #10 is a proven performer, the preferred fastener in the Post Frame Industry and designed to complement your Fabral projects perfectly.  In addition, the #10 fastener:

  • Penetrates metal more quickly with the TYPE-17 POINT.
  • Allows for FASTER DRILL TIMES with the Hi Low thread configuration.
  • Provides HIGHER pull-out values.
  • DE-BURRS metal shards due to the ASTER THREAD design.
  • Features a ¼” hex head which is identical to the current #9 fastener, ensuring there will be no concerns with mixing fasteners on a project.

The #10 will begin to replace our current #9 woodfast fastener the week of September 9th.  It will be a seamless transition, ensuring no disruptions with your current and future shipments.  It is also important to note that this product update is part of our ongoing effort to ensure your business continues to receive the most complete and dynamic offering in the industry.

To learn more, review the attached product brochure or contact your local Sales Representative or Customer Care Representative.

Project of Year Time

Time to get recognized for your work. And this year we’re upping the ante and we’re excited to recognize you and your customers. To enter, submit all noteworthy projects completed between Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012 by visiting Fabral.com (entries due by March 28, 2013). We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Click below for forms:

Email completed forms to Fabral at contest@fabral.com and get your projects entered!


News Just In: Tax Credit Update

Recently, Congress extended the Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives for metal re-roofs installed in 2012 or completed in 2013. The tax credit covers 10% of the cost of materials installed, up to a maximum of $500 per home.

Program Highlights Include:
The Tax Credit Covers 10% Of The Cost Of Materials Installed, Up To A Maximum Of $500 Per Home. Labor Is Not Included.

The Tax Credit Only Applies To The Primary Residential Property.

For homeowners to receive the tax credit, they must take the following steps:

  1. Select a prepainted or coated Energy Star‐labeled metal roof with pigmented coating/paint film specifically designed to reduce heat gain. This includes all standard Fabral Enduracote colors – as they are all Eenergy Star approved.
  2. Have the Energy Star approved metal roof installed on their principal/primary residence between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.
  3. Save the Fabral Tax Credit Certification Document for future tax filing.
  4. Click Here to View Certification Document
  5. Complete the IRS Form 5695 Residential Energy Credits when filing taxes for 2012 and/or 2013.

Complete details are available online at energytaxincentives.org. For additional information, homeowners should contact their roofing contractor or tax adviser.

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